Heidi M. Wood’s Anti-Racism Commitment

Since 1995, the School for Social Work at Smith College has been committed to becoming an anti-racism institution and actively works towards this goal through their curriculum and community. My professional education is rooted in this commitment. Despite my dedication to social justice, it wasn’t until I became a parent and moved to Atlanta that theory became reality. In the past three years, I have participated in a number of community activities addressing racism, including the Race Conscious Parenting Collective held at Charis Books, the Social Justice Committee at The Highlander School and volunteer work at The Highlander School to examine the school’s library for bias.

I support white people in developing new capacities, thoughts, and behaviors to use as tools for disrupting injustice and building authentic cross-racial relationships and equitable systems.

Above all, I am a white parent attempting to raise a white girl to be one less woman who wields power through fear. My experiences so far have been both challenging and enlightening.