CBT for Body-Focused Repetitive Behavioral Disorders

Body-Focused Repetitive Behavioral (BFRB) Disorders are disorders of the brain and behavior, similar to OCD but different. People with BFRB disorders find themselves compelled to do behaviors focused on touching, pulling, biting, or picking their bodies because these actions produce immediate pleasure. This pleasure is extremely reinforcing and even though people with BFRB Disorders may be embarrassed, burdened, and even disfigured by these behaviors, they find the habits virtually impossible to stop on their own.

People with BFRBs such as hair pulling/trichotillomania, skin picking/excoriation disorder, and nail biting may find relief from this cycle by engaging in CBT. In particular, the CBT is focused on identifying the specific situations, feelings, sensations, and thoughts that trigger episodes of BFRB and then seeking to systematically reduce the triggers, provide distraction, and find suitable replacements for the pleasurable aspect of the behavior. This is a highly personalized and tailored process.