Readiness Assessments for Gender Affirming Procedures & Surgeries

Dr. Christina Goodwin, PhD conducts readiness assessments for gender-affirming procedures/surgeries for adults per the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care (SOC) guidelines. Your surgeon may have casually referred to this as a “psych evaluation” or “mental health letter of support.”

Please know, Dr. Goodwin’s role in conducting this assessment is to confirm a gender dysphoria diagnosis (often needed for insurance purposes) and to help identify any additional logistical and emotional support you may benefit from before and after the surgery. Overall, her role is to help you have the best possible surgical outcome.

Prior to our visit, you will be asked to complete several self-report measures and to sign a release of information allowing Dr. Goodwin to share the report with your surgical team. If you are currently working with a therapist or psychiatrist, you’ll need to sign a release allowing Dr. Goodwin to confirm information with them. These assessments are typically completed in one visit.