Dr. Leah Farrell-Carnahan, Ph.D.


Practice Owner and Director 

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am passionate about providing specialized CBT and CBT skills to teens and adults so they can reduce suffering and enhance their lives. I have a special interest and expertise providing CBT to people with anxiety, anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and phobia), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and insomnia. I opened Atlanta CBT in 2019 after relocating to Atlanta from Richmond, Virginia where I had a private practice from 2012-2019 called Behavior Works of Virginia. I also worked for seven years helping Veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs, both clinically and at the larger national programmatic level. Prior to that I worked in academic medicine and even in corporate America.

I am fully licensed as a psychologist in GA and VA.

As a PsyPact member psychologist, I am permitted to provide therapy via telehealth to patients in the following states:  AL, AZ, AR, CO, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, CT, DE, District of Columbia, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WI, & WY. I also have special permission to practice via telehealth to FL. I am based in GA. 

Here are more details about my professional training, and experiences…


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Addiction, Behavioral Health, and Technology
University of Virginia Health System

Ph.D., Psychology, Clinical
Virginia Tech

M.S., Psychology
Virginia Tech

M.A., Health Education and Health Behavior
Columbia University

B.S., Psychology, Concentration in Health Promotion & Exercise Science
Appalachian State University


  • International Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Foundation Behavioral Treatments Training Institute
  • Veterans Health Administration Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
  • Veterans Health Administration Prolonged Exposure Therapy
  • Veterans Health Administration Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy
    • I was a consultant for the Veterans Health Administration Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Treatment initiatives meaning I taught other mental health providers how to implement these treatments in Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country


  • MEMBER, American Psychological Association
  • MEMBER, LOCAL ACCOMMODATIONS CHAIR FOR THE 53RD ANNUAL CONVENTION, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
  • MEMBER, Division 38, Health Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • MEMBER, Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  • MEMBER, International Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Foundation
  • MEMBER, TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
  • MEMBER, Metro Atlanta Therapists Network
  • PAST PRESIDENT OF & PAST MEMBER AT LARGE, Richmond (Virginia) Academy of Clinical Psychologists
  • PAST EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER & PAST MEMBERSHIP CHAIR, Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists


My appreciation for evidence-based practice grows out of my participation in research over the years. I have been involved in research to advance our understanding of behavioral health problems like anxiety, insomnia, drinking, etc. as well as how to help people using behavioral interventions, including CBT and Motivational Interviewing. I have had a particular interest in researching ways we can harness technology to enhance mental health services. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of my peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and presentations.



Adjunct Faculty Supervisor (2019-current): Outpatient Psychotherapy Treatment Program, Department of Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine

Affiliate Assistant Professor (2011-2018) Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Visiting Assistant Professor (2011-2014) Center for Addiction Research and Education, Behavioral Therapies Treatment Development, Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia Health System


While CBT is no panacea, it has been found to be an effective way to help people with certain problems. I was very fortunate to train at one of the top clinical psychology PhD programs in the nation to develop clinical and scientific cognitive behavioral skills. I am also trained in health education, health psychology, and the art and science of motivation. I incorporate a gentle and non-judgmental counseling style into CBT called Motivational Interviewing. Further, as a health psychologist, I am aware of the dynamic interplay between body, mind, and community/environment. I bring these perspectives to bear when working with clients. I always look for the unique strengths in my clients and help them explore these while developing awareness of the ways certain ways of thinking and acting can hold them back emotionally, physically, and relationally. I value all types of diversity and inclusion. To the extent it is relevant and useful for clients to examine systems of oppression and associated privilege in therapy, I provide a safe and encouraging space for introspection and growth. I am an LGBTQ+ affirming psychologist. 


If you choose to work with me, you will come to learn I care a lot about finding meaning and purpose in life. We do best when we create a match between our values and our pursuits. As such, I will push you to consider what is important to you and how you are living your life in accordance with that. I seek to follow my own advice in this regard. I became a clinical psychologist because I am a very curious person and I am also very analytical and caring. I enjoy helping my clients unpack challenges and grow into themselves. It is an honor to provide the CBT framework as well as support and encouragement. I have seen clients make small and large changes in their ways of thinking and acting that have led them to be able to live the lives they desire. This is incredibly fulfilling to me.

My professional purpose is to improve health and wellbeing of people. Because I am a “big picture” person, in addition to my one on one clinical interactions with clients, I am involved in other domains of psychology. As mentioned earlier, I was heavily involved in research. I also have a special interest in digital health which is the use of technologies to enhance access to, efficiency of, and effectiveness of screening and interventions for health. Because these technical solutions are not useful unless they can be integrated into daily life and healthcare systems, broadly, I am quite interested in working with the healthcare community at large to advance the field. Additionally, I am engaged in psychology professional associations and political advocacy to advocate for mental health care reform at the local, state, and federal level.  


Over the years, I have worked and studied in university centers, academic medical centers, outpatient clinics, research clinics, and a Veterans Affairs hospital. In fact, I worked at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia for seven years where I learned an appreciation for the sacrifices veterans and their families have made as well as the strength and importance of the mind-body connection. In that role, I also developed skills working within interdisciplinary teams with medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, other therapists, and administrative staff. Prior to graduate school, and after college, I lived and worked in New York City as an assistant program director at an international advertising firm, a corporate recruiter, and doing my favorite combined gig- research assistant during the day and waitress at night.

Along my career journey, I have been involved in development and testing of evidence-based treatments and creation of treatment manuals. Recently, I co-authored a self-management/self-help workbook for veterans with insomnia that is being distributed throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs. I then served as a subject matter expert to help the Department of Veterans Affairs develop a completely automated and interactive website to screen and treat Veterans with insomnia and other sleep problems. I serve as a subject matter expert on technology teams developing web-based self-help, apps, and prescription digital therapeutics. 



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