Services, Fees, & Forms

How can you get started?  At this point, you have taken a big step to investigate your options. Choosing a therapist is a very important, and largely personal, decision. You are the only one who can choose who is right for you. I will happily provide you a complementary 15 minute consultation to discuss what you are looking for and I will also ask you some questions. Consultation can be over the phone or in person, at my office. In addition to gathering information, you’ll be able to get a “feel” for what it might be like to work with me in therapy.

If we determine I could be the right therapist for you, I will suggest you come to the office for an initial intake. An intake appointment is typically about 55 minutes long and the purpose of the intake is for you to tell me more about what is bothering you, your background, and your treatment goals. Sometimes this process takes more than one session.

After the initial intake, if we determine we are a good therapy match and if you decide you would like to engage in therapy with me, we will begin therapy sessions that may occur on a semi-weekly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis, depending on your needs and schedule. Therapy sessions are about 55 minutes long. Research suggests that clients who practice new skills learned in CBT have better therapy outcomes than those who do not. To maximize your therapy outcomes, we will work together to plan “homework” to facilitate this practice. Also, we frequently employ paper and pencil measures to check on how your symptoms are improving.

Appointments may be available between the hours of 10:00am-2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

To increase convenience for existing clients, sessions may be offered via videoconferencing using a HIPAA-compliant video telehealth. This can be particularly useful for clients who would have to travel a long distance, encounter traffic, or find it challenging to leave work or home. In some cases, I can do sessions when clients are on vacation or traveling for other reasons but it depends on a few factors. Please review the Telehealth Agreement form for more information.

Also, as helpful, and clinically useful, I will be able to travel to your home, office, or other place to conduct therapy with you.

How do fees and payments work? I am an out-of-network provider. This means you must make payment at the time of session. *Check or cash is preferred but all major credit cards are accepted. You may choose to file for out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company. The insurance company may pay for services or a percentage of services. I will cooperate with the insurance company in this process by writing any clinical reports they require but you will be responsible for finding out what is required. You may choose to investigate a company called Better that proposes to handle the administrative hassle of filing for out-of-network benefits on your behalf; I am not endorsing them, only providing information about the service.

You may choose not to use insurance and instead pay for services “out of pocket”. Clients who do this have an additional level of confidentiality and control over their own treatment because treatment decisions are made between the provider and the client without input from an insurance company. Clients who overcome their problems by participating in evidence-based treatment with out-of-network providers often believe these benefits are well-worth their investment of time, money, and effort.

*Atlanta CBT, LLC will contribute $1.25 for every session paid for in cash or check to the Cure San Filippo Foundation I am not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. This means clients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance would be expected to pay full payments at the time of sessions.

Fees for sessions:

  • Intake = $250
  • 55-Minute Session = $180
  • All other charges will be pro-rated according to session length

Please complete and bring these forms to your initial intake:

Please review and complete this form only if we have discussed and determined it is appropriate to engage in some sessions via video conferencing:

Your treatment with me is confidential and I will not release information about you without your permission unless legally required. If you would like me to communicate with a past or current doctor or therapist, please complete this form and bring it to your intake appointment:

Consent to Release Confidential Information Form 

**If you are seeking CBT for insomnia, please complete a sleep diary for one week prior to your intake appointment and bring the completed sleep diary to your intake appointment. Click HERE for instructions. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about this.**